How Can Call Monitoring Help your Business?

How Can Call Monitoring Help your Business?

By Mobistreak on Jan 08, 2020

“If you listen better you will sell more.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

Phone calls are the most tangible form of leads because you are able to connect to your prospects in flesh. Phone calls provide a personal touch. When a prospect is on the phone with your business, there is a far greater chance that the conversation will lead to a sale transaction. Personal connection is key to closing a sale. Very often this connection generates high-value transactions. And that is why ‘Active Listening’ to customer calls is important.

Monitoring calls from your customers can be a great benefit not just to your marketing or sales teams but also to your company as a whole. It helps you improve customer satisfaction by effectively delivering to their expectations.

Many mistake call monitoring as a tool to keep an eye on your sales reps work and communication skills. Let us bust this clear myth and see how call monitoring can be a catalyst of change for your entire business.


How call monitoring benefits Sales Managers?

Of course the very first advantage of call monitoring for managers is that they get to hear how their representatives speak. By monitoring calls, a sales manager can get benefitted by number of ways such as:

  • Noting conversational skills
  • Identifying issues promptly
  • Observing and resolving compliance issues promptly
  • Identifying customer grievances quickly
  • Providing effective training to employees
  • Spot areas of improvement and identify training needs
  • Assess pending and broken tasks
  • Structuring employee development
  • Maintaining and building employee relationships
  • Improved understanding of result oriented behaviors

Call monitoring allows sales managers to learn and bring out high yielding behaviours from customers. Based on monitoring analysis managers can iterate the scripts and train their teams accordingly, which in turn will facilitate customer loyalty and relationships.


How call monitoring benefits sales reps?

For companies it is crucial to make their sales reps understand that call monitoring isn’t a negative thing which catches their mess-ups. In fact, it should be viewed as an integral tool for developing skills and yielding high results. This should be seen as a collaborative effort where both managers and reps can together assess monitored calls. For companies, monitoring helps get an insight of the top performing agents, the best practices and any new behaviours that are producing positive results. Call monitoring has tons of benefits for the sales reps:

  • It encourages them to perform better
  • Provides employee satisfaction
  • Gives an opportunity to interact or get immediate assistance from sales managers when needed
  • Eradicates the possibility of bias as each employees efforts are tracked


How call monitoring benefits businesses?

For companies, call monitoring gives an in-depth understanding of user experience. From the beginning of the sales funnel to the end; call monitoring facilitates businesses to understand the consumer behaviour on – what triggered them to call, what they like/dislike about your product, what are their frustrations from your product or the service/support you provide and what is required from you to retain them as your customers. Among the numerous benefits that call monitoring provides, here are a few that top the chart from companies’ perspective. It helps to:

  • Consistently deliver excellent service
  • Reverses customer attrition
  • Decreases employee turnover
  • Builds sales and service performance
  • Helps to cut down operating cost
  • Helps to optimize marketing campaigns
  • Avoids wastage of potential leads as incoming calls can be called back if missed
  • Builds a systematic database record
  • Enhances customer retention and loyalty
  • Amplifies profits
  • It encourages them to perform better
  • Provides employee satisfaction
  • Gives an opportunity to interact or get immediate assistance from sales managers when needed
  • Eradicates the possibility of bias as each employees efforts are tracked

Prospects and customers are the lifeline for any business and treating them with the right expertise will help you scale up in no time. Remember one wrong impression by a bad service can overshadow all the good and tarnish the brand image which might’ve taken years to build. You might have heard several cases from even the top brands who have fallen prey to poor customer service which led to controversies. Since phone calls are the convenient and tangible route to understand consumer behaviour, it’s time businesses leverage the outcome with systematic call monitoring. It is an extremely effective process that results in increased agent, manager and customer satisfaction while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. If you want to watch your revenue grow, it’s time you incorporate call monitoring for your business.

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