Top 4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Call Tracking Software for your Business

By Mobistreak on Jun 03, 2020

As you try to find the best call tracking solution for your business, you’ll discover that there are platforms that can get things functioning with just the basic call tracking functionality, and then there are more advanced solutions that provide high-level advanced features which sellers of large media goals require. In other words, there is a taste of call tracking for different types of seller.

How to choose the right call tracking software that suits your business?

Finalizing the right call tracking software depends on a number of critical factors that can be easily neglected if you’re doing it for the first time. It is quite easy to choose a solution that offers an ingenious interface at low prices and ignores some of the most important details behind the curtain.

Here are the 4 questions you should be asking before investing in this software for your needs:

Is web lead generation part of your business?

For many companies, incoming calls are only a segment of their business. If your campaigns have a web-based lead generation component, you should certainly consider this before looking for call tracking software options. It may be useful to find a platform with a Lead Management System that can handle campaign filtering, campaign grouping or limit restrictions.

For lead generation business, call tracking helps marketers with the data they need to track. You will get insights on how leads contacted your business, how to improve campaigns, personalizing calls and more which lead to driving quality leads and thereby increase ROI.

Does it integrate with third party services?

It’s easier to get detailed information about callers when you integrate call tracking software with other tools that you use within your organization. For example, the integration of call tracking software with a web analysis tool will give you information about the browsing history of the caller on the site; Integration with a CRM tool will help you understand the entire sales cycle of a potential offline customer. The ease of integration with other tools is, therefore, an important factor to consider.

Does it offer call recordings and transcriptions feature?

Recordings and call transcripts have a wealth of information about your potential customers and their needs. Over time, you can detect patterns in the way your potential customers gather information about your products; the terminologies they use to communicate pain points and more. You can send this information to the system to adjust your marketing copy and the advertising strategy in general.

Call recordings in your Call Tracking process also help you understand how your sales representatives handle the call and provide comments as needed.

Does it suit your budget?

Cost will be an important factor to consider when increasing the size of your campaign and call volumes. As each of your incoming sales calls will go through the Call Tracking system, it would be smarter to find a solution that offers the best rates for call duration and no. of calls. The costs of phone numbers are important because, when you start scaling your campaigns, you may soon be buying many phone numbers.

Determining which call tracking software is best for your company is not a decision that should be taken lightly. With so much at stake, it is worthwhile to draw up a long list of specific questions for your business and discover which software platform is in a position to help you more at a competitive price. For more guidance contact us for precise solutions.