5 Things You Didn’t Know Call Tracking Can Do For Your Business​

By Mobistreak on May 27, 2020

For a business in this age, it is not enough to only generate potential leads.

It is also vital to identify the sources from where your buyer emerged, this helps you to understand which of your campaigns worked well and which did not.

For any business to succeed, you need an excellent website and excellent tools to analyze your success. Today, there are such tools which are easily accessible; However, measuring traffic and data online is just a small piece of the puzzle. Call tracking is the tool you NEED to fully understand your marketing efforts online (and offline).

But call tracking can be used to do much more. The data collected from call tracking (call analysis) can be used to attribute leads and conversions with surprising accuracy, as well as to optimize your marketing messages.

Here are less known things that call tracking could do:

Omni-channel Conversion Tracking

A buyer journey is generally not a straightforward one. Someone can click on your Facebook ad but may not call it immediately. Later, they could do a Google search, find your website and decide to call.

But how will you know that the Facebook ad played a role in Google search? Call tracking and analysis technology understands whether Facebook’s visit preceded Google’s search on the customer’s journey, allowing it to make smarter and more informed media buying decisions.

Help in keyword level attribution

You can use keyword level attribution to find out those keywords which your callers searched before clicking on your ad. You can assign a unique virtual phone number to be displayed to each unique visitor. That visitor will continue to see that same number on the page you browse on your site. This number would also be tagged with the keyword that triggered your ad, telling you which keywords generate calls. You can use this data to optimize your bid.

Understand Buyer’s Journey

The use of unique numbers for each visitor will also allow you to track each visitor’s journey through your website. This allows you to understand exactly which pages and elements on your website generate calls, as well as which pages are causing visitors to leave. You can use this information to continue optimizing your website accordingly.

Discover high-intent calls

Identify all calls that have a “high intention” to convert. Use keyword level tracking to identify which keywords triggered those calls. You can optimize your bids based on call quality rather than volume, and thereby significantly increase your final conversion rates.

Measuring overall marketing ROI

With web analytics it is easier to see how your online efforts are working. But how do you accurately measure your offline efforts? Call tracking provides a reliable way to track your offline marketing campaigns thanks to campaign-level call tracking.

You can place tracking numbers on commercials, billboards, flyers and other traditional advertising media to accurately track the success of campaigns. By measuring this data along with your online marketing data, you will have a better idea of ​​which campaigns are producing the largest ROI for your business.

If you want to learn more about how these benefits fit into your existing marketing strategy, request a demo today.