Callspree Lead to Call Automation

Automatically turn your Marketing Qualified Leads(MQLs) into phone calls. Engage your customers in their moment of truth.

Never miss a sales lead again. Supercharge your contact rates and conversions by connecting your leads with the most qualified sales representative through phone calls.

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    Boost website engagement, improve lead response time

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    Maximize marketing effectiveness thru more consistent and better quality lead follow-up

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    Better economics - most experienced reps handle most qualified leads

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    Nurture leads with each interaction, cultivate future demand

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    Track every call and automatically update the outcome in your CRM

  • Product Highlights

    Intelligent Lead Forms

    Convert more leads into customers with actionable intelligence lead generation forms. Easy-to-use form builder enables building beautiful online forms without any coding knowledge. Customize the form design through the advanced personalization features such as color change, text, and font selection, image selection and more. Set up integrations, and go live in minutes.

    Automatic Callbacks

    Improve lead response time and facilitate easy engagement with your leads through Automatic Callbacks. Callspree automatically starts calling your sales team the moment your website visitor submits a lead form, connecting them with your leads over phone calls so that they can turn the leads into lasting business opportunities. Through human touch, your salespeople can nurture relationships with each interaction, provide personalized attention to lead’s individual pain points to cultivate future demand.

    Deep Insights

    Collect a repository of lead information to improve your marketing effectiveness. With lead-to-call you can gather in-depth insights about your leads and improve the way you engage with them. Integrate Callspree Lead-to-Call with your CRM to capture new lead information as soon as it comes in. Through the feature-packed dashboard, listen to the call recordings, review call details such as phone number, call time, duration, call frequency, visitor-agent details, perform call flow analysis to review the sequence in which the conversation took place, analyze the drop-off points, make necessary optimizations.

    And that’s not all!! Callspree lets you set up an advanced Interactive Voice Response(IVRs), intelligently route calls from most qualified leads to the most experienced salesperson, send SMSs, set “Out-of-Office’’ mode, and much more. Visit our product website to learn more and schedule a demo