Paid Search

Connect with consumers right when they are discovering new products or ready to make a purchase

We provide the best paid search strategy for your business

Account Audit

We will review the historical performance of your paid search accounts to identify the areas for improvement. We will recommend a comprehensive strategy that covers campaign restructuring, keywords selection, ad copy and landing page optimization, target and bid adjustments, conversion tracking.

Competitive Analysis

We will research your key competitors to understand their marketing strategy, advertising spend, keyword coverage, ad positioning and devise an action plan uniquely suited to your business to outperform your competitors.

Campaign Setup

We will set up campaigns by taking into account all targeting aspects suitable for your business including appropriate keywords, location targeting, schedule & bid adjustments, device etc., and collectively optimize all parameters to deliver outstanding results.

Ad Creatives

We will build creatives based on your brand, industry you operate in and the audience you serve to fulfil your business goal. We expand the messaging through various Ad Extensions to position your offering in the most compelling way. We create multiple variations of ads to understand what appeals the most to the buying sentiments of your target audience.

Keyword Optimisation

We will research, analyze and select best possible keywords to drive qualified traffic from top search engines. With continuous search query analysis, we uncover new keyword opportunities to expand your reach, while restricting traffic from undesired keywords.

Bid Management

We will monitor performance and analyze data to manage campaign bids. High Quality Score alone is not sufficient to get high ad placements unless it is supported by competing bids. While low bids can restrict the traffic, high bids will result in spending more money without yielding the desired result. We will help you achieve an optimum balance between the two, while maintaining your daily and monthly budget.

Quality Score Optimization

We will help lower your cost per conversion and gain better ad positions by improving the quality score of your keywords, relevancy of your ads and experience of your landing pages. Quality Score has a direct correlation on your campaign success. While a low-quality score can produce subpar performance, a high quality score will ensure you pay lower for clicks, which in turn will lower the overall cost per conversion.

Cross Channel

We will plan, monitor and optimize paid search campaigns across all top search engines viz., Google, Bing and Yahoo to maintain consistency of your brand offering, no matter whichever channel your target audience discovers you.


We will customize your search campaigns by targeting more qualified and valuable users who have already visited your website. Since the target user is more qualified, you can bid competitively on more generic keywords, while maintaining the desired cost per conversion.

40 hours of PPC Account Review & Audit