Top SEO Tricks to Rank Law Firms on SERPs​

Top SEO Tricks to Rank Law Firms on SERPs

By Mobistreak on May 13, 2020

If your law firm website is not generating enough leads, then you could be a victim of bad SEO.

In other words, SEO helps your law firm’s website rank higher for specific keywords and terms on search engine result pages(SERP) than other law firm websites in the same area.

Here are six tips to rectify errors that could be plaguing your SEO strategy:

Conduct an SEO Audit

You certainly won’t be able to fix what’s broken if you don’t know what it is, so conducting an SEO audit to discover problems that affect the performance and visibility of your website is essential before doing anything else to improve SEO.

There could be some common errors on your site that adversely affect performance, such as:

  • Not setting up a Google Search Console. This would make you unaware if Google has any difficulty in tracking and indexing your website.
  • Bad or broken links accumulated over the years.
  • The page speed is too slow.
  • Your site was not built with a responsive design and is not suitable for mobile devices.
  • The images are not optimized or compressed.
  • There are inconsistencies in your NAP listings (name / address / telephone) throughout the Internet.
  • Your site has too many pages competing for the same or similar keywords, which means you are competing with yourself (cannibalization of keywords).
  • There are no AMP (accelerated mobile page) versions of your web pages.
  • Failing to add the Attorney scheme marking —computer code which lets Google know the contents of each page on your website — to your site.

Connect YouTube & Your Website Correctly

Many lawyers are creating and posting useful videos on YouTube.

However, many law firms fail to strategically link their YouTube channel to website.

This is a big mistake. These are practically the easiest links you can get!

YouTube is one of the most popular websites, with more than one billion users every month.

Any YouTube link is valuable. Although YouTube links may not be followed, remember that our goal is to generate traffic. We are not worried about the rankings at this time.

Two things to do here:

  • Be sure to link to your website from your YouTube channel
  • Check the videos you have published. Within the description, be sure to link to the most relevant pages of your website, be it a practice area page, a blog post or the frequently asked questions page

A link in one of these places could fetch you to your next customer.

Achieve Perfect On-Page Optimization

Check the present content on your page to make sure it is up to date and includes the following:

  • An SEO-compatible URL:
    use short keyword phrases in the URLs of your page (for example, DUI or DUI lawyer).
  • Authorized outbound links:
    include links to articles on authorized sites in your page content and avoid links to competitors. For example, law firms can be linked to court cases, judicial websites, local authorities, etc.
  • Keywords in the title of your page:
    Include keyword phrases in the title of your page, in addition to your unique sale proposal or motto.
  • H1 and H2 tags:
    organize your content with headings and make sure that the H2 tags have a compatible H1 tag.
  • Buttons to share on social networks:
    include buttons that allow visitors to easily share their content on social networks.
  • A call to action in your meta description:
    Write an attractive and action-oriented copy for your meta description to encourage people to visit your website.
  • Alternative text for images:
    to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other guidelines, ensure that the alt text (alternative text) is complete and descriptive.

Another thing you can do to optimize the content of your page is to make sure your pages load quickly. A speed score of 90 or more on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is ideal.

Attract High-Quality Links

Getting links to your site on other high quality sites can remarkably improve your SEO. An excellent way to do this is to participate in guest blogs on other sites. You could pair up with other industry leaders or even volunteer for council columns where your lawyers participate in “ask a lawyer” sort of forums.

Infographics are another excellent way to attract links and can help break down complicated information, making it more digestible for the public. If you create and design an infographic, you can request that other companies post it on their site with a link to your site. The general idea behind this type of exchange is that people will find visual information useful and share it with friends and family or on their social networks.

Build A Content Strategy

A content strategy helps you create sustainable content for your website which is attractive, meaningful, consistent and ultimately, captivating to readers. Blogs are one of the most popular ways to create the content of your site. Publishing weekly is a good way to keep new content on your site and keep it attractive to Google, and sending newsletters that highlight the latest posts to subscribers can help ensure that your site remains in their minds.

The current content strategy for many law firms includes the creation of long-form publications that contain 2,000 to more than 2,500 words. Many law firms find that their long-form publications are among the most successful and positively influence their reviews.

Respond to Reviews

People looking for a lawyer rely on online reviews and research your online reputation. So it is important that you respond to both positive and negative reviews, especially those on Google.


Taking time to implement some of the above SEO tips for law firms can significantly improve local SEO, driving more traffic to your website, which means more connections with clients.

A key point of these tips is to be as specific as possible when creating your website. Knowing the value of what you have to offer and putting that forward in the best way will allow users to see if you are the ideal fit for them.

Take advantage of these tips to stand out from the competition. Need expert SEO consultation? Contact us.