Top 3 Local Strategies to Drive More Customers from Google Ads & Facebook

Top 3 Local Strategies to Drive More Customers from Google Ads & Facebook

By Mobistreak on Jan 22, 2020

They say, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local and that’s kind of the same.” This holds true for digital advertising too. Doesn’t matter if your brand has one location or one thousand, there are proven localization strategies every business can use to drive more customers from Google and Facebook campaigns.

Since mobile-first buyers move between online and offline channels, you must learn to optimize local paid search campaigns at every touchpoint to make it easy for them to convert through their preferred platform. The following tips will help you localize paid search and Facebook ads to generate more conversions and revenue.


Target Audiences Based on Their Location : 

You must implement geo-targeting in your Google Ads and Facebook targeting settings for reaching audiences within your geographic service area.

Begin by analyzing information about your customers existing within your CRM. Scan through metrics like city, state, or zip code to determine where your customers, or best conversions, are located.

For Google Ads, place targets for those categories at all different levels for more or less granularity. This technique allows you to concentrate ads on locations that generate business, and skip targeting areas that fall outside of your service area. You can also eliminate or decrease bids on locations that don’t have a high conversion rate so you don’t waste ad dollars.

It is also possible to target audiences with Facebook data based on their location. Facebook location targeting allows you to create multiple campaigns for different cities enabling a streamlined view of your data. While optimizing location targets, you can also upload a custom audience database of your existing customers or prospects from your CRM to retarget audiences who fall into your set location parameters.

Target audience based on their location


Generate Location-Specific Ad Content : 

A well drafted Ad copy is another great way to display your local presence and encourage consumers to call your business. Buyers prefer ads that are personalized to their city, zip code, or immediate vicinity. Make sure that the language in your ads speaks to the area you are targeting. For example, including a word like “San Francisco, CA” tells consumers you’re in the same city as them, implying quality, local service, and a more positive brand connection.

Generate Location-Specific Ad Content


Schedule Your Ads During Open Business Hours : 

Your aim should be to reach your customers while they are on the go and be available to serve their needs. One of the most common problems faced by many marketers is when a call driven by paid search goes to voicemail. These simply are wasted dollars and opportunities to turn callers into buyers.

That’s when Ad scheduling comes to the rescue. It helps ensure your ads are only displayed when you are open. Ensure you run ads during normal business hours when you are available to answer the phone. Ad Scheduling avoids high-value and high-purchasing intent customers from being sent to voicemail.

Google Ads makes it simple to select the days of the week, weekends, and times ads are LIVE. Facebook offers scheduling for each ad set. Keep aligning your Google Ads and Facebook ad schedules for consistency.

Schedule your ads during open business hours

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