How Paid Search can help improve brand awareness?

How Paid Search can help improve brand awareness?

By Mobistreak on Mar 11, 2020

In most cases brands that aim to drive awareness are usually well established and have already placed a strong foot in the market. Most of us are aware of their identity and seen their products but may not be their direct consumers.

Unlike PPC marketing efforts, brand awareness is a concept that cannot be measured precisely using extensive metrics. For instance Super Bowl advertisers cannot measure how many viewers ended up purchasing their fancy car whereas a PPC advertiser has an in depth report of conversions, views, traffic and much more.


Can PPC search really drive awareness?

In most cases, the answer is no. Search is an active channel where user types in their query to get results and that’s when your ad appears. If your brand is new and pops up in the result then people probably aren’t aware of your brand/service and they might not be specifically searching for you. Which indicates that you will not receive much traffic and won’t drive many conversions since your search volume itself is low.

In such cases, how do you create an effective ad when no volume exists. Read on to find out…

Here’s how to generate awareness using PPC.


The 6 PPC Brand Awareness Steps :

– Prioritize your media plans and make sure search is on top of your list. Usually 30% of marketing spend is designated to online activities.

– Allocate budgets based on your immediate objectives and targets. Split search activities between (SEO and PPC), Display, Mobile and Social – the motive is to ensure search goes parallel with other digital activities right from the beginning.

– You should be measuring the correct results. If the aim of your paid search campaign is to raise brand awareness then you need to analyse the associated metrics like clicks and impressions and website engagement.

– Do some research to understand your target audience clearly. Track your customers journey and use these insights to modify your campaigns and make relevant educational content for each step of their journey.

– You want to make sure that there is relevancy between the landing page experience and the call to action aligning with the customers journey. Don’t hard pitch for sale in a campaign that only introduces the brand with broad category keywords. Provide information about your product or service and answer FAQs. Create supportive content that gives users a reason to trust your brand.

– Never let a click go waste, each click should bring some value! In case a visitor doesn’t intend to buy from you now use the opportunity to capture their email id or phone number and build your database to put them in use for future campaigns.

– Your ad copy should speak clearly about your brand’s USP. Convey a unique message which tells the audience about your brand image and also talks about how you are different from your competitors. For added bonus ensure you align your search ads with your offline campaigns too.



Paid Search enables you to reach an audience that are keen in your brand at that immediate point of time. These audiences need not take immediate action but with a well planned and executed strategy you can enhance brand awareness in every part of the consumer journey. If you are keen on driving awareness for your brand using paid search then contact our experts to see quality results.